Paris: Hotel La Lanterne

DSC02185Hi guys!

How are you? We had such a crazy kind of morning. We had to unpack our suitcases from Paris (we came back this morning), and at the same time strike out our outfits for Berlin, since we are leaving tomorrow! ❤ We are really looking forward to this city trip, since for both of us it has been more than 3 years ago that we visited Berlin. We hope that the place we will be staying at, will be just as amazing as La Lanterne in Paris.

Our stay in Paris was incredible. Our hotel was located a few steps from Notre Dame, pretty much a perfect location in Paris. We arrived really early at the hotel and we were welcomed very warmly. Even though we could directly enter our room, so great ❤

Our room was on the top floor and had two balconies. We love to spend time outside, and after walking around in the city, there is nothing better than a glass of champagne on your balcony. Well, a glass of champagne on your balcony with an amazing view! And oh we had that! The room was bright and had amazing interior, so stylish and classy at the same time. The hotel is very homely, and we love that. Especially since we are traveling really a lot lately, it is very important to us.

The best part of staying in a hotel, besides not to have do the dishes, is breakfast. We are both morning persons, and really love morning-food, especially when it’s sweet (read: pancakes, waffles, croissants, chocolate rolls, pies, macaroons, chocolate and so on). And at La Lanterne you can go crazy. Their breakfast buffet is really amazing. Pastries, fresh fruit, fresh pressed juices… They got all of it and every morning it is so hard to make a choice, haha! But besides their great buffet, they do room service for breakfast upon request. And having such a great room with balcony, we would be crazy not having breakfast over there, right?!

Besides the great location, stylish room and great breakfast, La Lanterne has an amazing spa. What is not really common in the centre of a big city. The heated pool and the hammam are great after a whole day strolling around Paris. We think that spa-time is always a good idea!

We were extremely impressed with the exceptional service of the staff, the great design and decor, awesome location and great breakfast. We highly recommend you guys to visit this hotel when in Paris! You can check out their rooms on:

Time to pack again! Enjoy your weekend guys. Lots of hugs!

Love, by OSQUARE






Brunch at Ladurée

DSC08713Hi guys!

How are you? We wish we had this sweet brunch in front of us right now, but we don’t.. We had it yesterday after an exhausting shopping morning and we will definitely go back. We are both huge macarons addicts, and someone told us that we should also try Ladurée pastries, and oh that was good! The Upstairs salon is really lovely. It is dressed in midnight blue velvet and fringes. A perfect place in busy Paris to just chill, hang and drink a several cups of tea. We were so hungry when arrived, that we didn’t even see the whole menu, and just ordered the first pastries that caught our eyes!

Now we have seen all the pics from yesterdays brunch, we are really hungry again! We have stumbled across lots of great (looking) restaurants at Saint Germain, so we are going to try one of those!

Have a lovely afternoon!




DSC08719Phone cases are both from Richmond & Finch// Watch from Mockberg// Bracelet from Lily & Rose // Sunnies from Bailey Nelson.

La Tour Eiffel

FullSizeRender kopie 2Hi guys!

How are you doing? We had such an amazing day here in Paris today! We started out extra early, cause the weather would only be nice in the morning, and we did not want to miss any a second of the French sun.

We are staying in hotel La Lanterne, and we had an amazing breakfast on our balcony with the great view, you might have seen it on our Instagram this morning. Such a great start just makes your whole day! We will be posting a review on the blog about the hotel, with lots of pics soon.

We don’t know what it is, after being to Paris so many times, we still always have to visit the Eiffel Tower. It feels so Paris-y, and we love that. Unfortunately when we arrived, the sun was already gone, but the pics with grey clouds turned kind of great.

We are both totally in love with this amazing dress from We Are Kindred. We discovered this Australian brand some time ago, and we are already big fans of their style and design. It’s is all about modern luxury, with a touch of bohemia. You guys should check them out on:

The dress goes great with both heels and sneakers. For our lunch and the shoot we brought our nude Asos heels. However walking miles don’t go together witch such high heels.. That’s why we chose for a big orange bag, where EVERYTHING fits into. After changing back to white sneakers, we went to have some drinks at Rue Cler. We remembered it as such a cozy street, and it is! It’s full of cute Parisian cafes, and just perfect to hang out and watch people. It turned out to be happy hour, and we stayed there for some time sipping cocktails.

Now it’s time to change and go for a late dinner, cause we are both starving! We planned to just walk around, and for sure will find a nice place.

Have a lovely night babes ❤



FullSizeRender kopie 3

DSC01938DSC02104FullSizeRenderDress from We Are Kindred// Heels from Asos// Bag Michael Kors// Sunnies from Bailey Nelson // Watch Nicole Vienna// Rings: Ancnt Materials and Pretty Rumour.

by OSQUARE in Paris

DSC09215Hi guys!

How are you? We are so excited! Right now we are sooooo stressed. We have to pack for Paris, cause we are leaving with the first Thalys tomorrow.. And we don’t know what to wear!

This is going to be the the fifth time that we are going to Paris together. First time was amazing, we just started university and we were just as excited as we are now! Few weeks ago in Paris, we had so much fun. We tried Gina Tricot’s travel guide ‘Guided by Style’ and it was amazing! With such guides, you always find some cute little places that you would never find otherwise ❤ We walked around Marais, and we fell in love with all the colored houses over there.

Some of you have been asking about our pink outfit: we chose a dusty pink skirt from Zara, cause we both totally in love with this color this season ❤ Also the blouse is from Zara. The blazer is from H&M, and we bought that one when we were in Barcelona almost 5 years ago! So happy we did not give that one away over the years. Of course wearing comfy sneakers, cause walking all day around in Paris is just impossible with out these.

We are so looking forward to go back tomorrow, cause Paris is always the best idea right! Unfortunately the weather will not be that awesome as last time.. But still.

Hope you all will have a lovely evening babes!



by OSQUARE x No Label

DSC_0011Sweater from No Label// Healthy juice Kale & Me// Laptop skin from Merskal. 

Hi guys!

How are you doing? Hope you´re well. ❤ We woke up super early today, because the sun was shining right into our apartment! There is no better way to wake up right?! We took our stuff and cycled to the beach for a coffee in the sun. It turned out that it is that kind of crazy weather here in the Netherlands.. One moment the sun is shining and it makes you feel like it’s summer, the next moment it’s pouring rain 😦 We got back home soaking wet and took on our comfy clothes.. Love sundays!

A few weeks ago we discovered this cool Dutch brand No Label. We thought the name was pretty cool as well. We spotted the most comfy sweaters in their collection and we wear them all the time; around the house, to the gym and while traveling. Can´t get anymore comfy then these sweaters, super soft! We style them casual with jeans and white sneakers, but also smart with black trousers and black boots. They go with everything!

Check these sweater and the brand out on: and their Instagram @worldofnolabel.

We had such a busy and fun week in Madrid and back home, with a lot of exciting new things coming up. We just can´t wait to show you guys! Talk soon!




DSC_0797Sunglasses from Bailey Nelson// Sneakers from Reebok and Nike// Kilties from Vow the Label// Watch Thread Etiquette// Headphones from Sack it Denmark

Chasing the sunrise <3

DSC01486Wide leg trousers from Oasis// White crop blazer from Asos// Long sleeve form Lacoste// Bag Calvin Klein// Neo Ne Studio sunnies// 

Hi guys!

How are you? Yesterday we got back from Madrid, and oh we miss it so much already! Would’ve loved to stay there a bit longer, but it’s also nice to be back home ❤

Before we went to the airport yesterday we have decided to shoot the last photos in front of the Grand Palace (such an impressive building). Every time that we were there in the past few days, it was crowded with people, and really impossible to not have them on our pics! A great travel secret to beat the touristy crowds on your pics while traveling, get up early! Our alarm went off at 05:30 AM and we really had a great morning. The sunrise light went perfectly with the outfit!

We went for a white suit (from Asos) with a grey long sleeve (from Lacoste) and nude high heels. Quickly after the shoot we have both changed to sneakers, cause walking Spanish hills on heels… We still don’t know how all the girls do that over there!

Today we have a chill day, and we will be enjoying the Dutch sun all day. Already looking forward!

Have a great weekend guys!



FullSizeRenderDSC01388DSC01395DSC01433DSC01324DSC01528Watch from Mockberg// Lily & Rose bracelet// Sunnies from Neo-Ne Studios// Rings: Pretty Rumour, The Peachbox and Ancnt Materials// 

Madrid: Dear Hotel


Hi guys!  

How are you? We just had a long breakfast at our hotel in Madrid, and so far, we are having such a great time in the city! As always we try to do everything by foot, cause you miss so much of the city when using the subway. Despite all the hills (we Dutchies are not used to that!), it is very walkable city! Madrid is one of the most open cities we have been to. The people are so kind and helpful, it makes you want to stay forever.
One of the most interesting parts about traveling is the chance to stay at some great hotels all over the world. We are really grateful and we feel very lucky that we have a chance to live all these amazing journeys. We love interior designs and room decors, and at the Dear Hotel we just felt like we want to walk around with the camera and shoot pictures of everything that we see. At the same time, the Dear Hotel feels really homely, we love that. 
After spending a few nights here, the Dear Hotel definitely got our “yes”, because of it’s excellent location in the centre of Madrid, on the Grand Via, the street where everything happens in Madrid, and a 5 minute walk to the Grand Palace, and all the shops, bars and restaurants are just sooo close. Lovely interior design, cozy ambiance and the great wifi connection made are stay so far just perfect. So if you are ever in Madrid, make sure to check this hotel out!
The breakfast at the Dear Hotel is just amazing. It’s on the 14th floor, at their 360′ restaurant with an amazing view all over the city. The food is really delicious and they have everything you can think of, so we kind of just tasted all of it. It is going to be hard to walk around today, haha! But we will try. The plan is to take it easy today, cause it’s SUNDAY ❤ Enjoy yours guys! 
Talk soon! 
 DSC00104FOTO 6

by OSQUARE x HiSmile


Hi guys!

How are you doing? Hope you´re well. The weather is getting better and better and we just love it! Today we planned a trip to the thriftstore and hopefully find a nice rug and sidetable to sheer up the balcony/garden. Hope we will find something nice, fingers crossed!

As you may have seen on our Instagram before, we have been trying HiSmile to boost our smile. What we love about this product is that you can see results almost immediately. We even got compliments from people around us saying that our teeth look amazing, without even knowing that we had been whitening them.

HiSmile offers a peroxide-free whitening system that doesn’t contain any chemicals. A very important factor to consider when purchasing whitening products.

As you can see, the kit is packaged in a beautiful box complete with everything you need. It contains an LED light complete with a mouth guard, 3 peroxide free gels, a whitening shade chart and an instruction booklet.

It is extremely simple to use and it takes just ten minutes per session – perfect if you lead a busy lifestyle! If you would like to try out HiSmile yourself check out their products online here:

Thanks for reading!



DSC_0579FullSizeRender-1IMG_4958DSC_0132 (1)

Paris: Hotel Daniel

DSC08683 (1).JPG

Hi guys!

How are you? We are great. ❤ We just got back from our short trip to Paris, and as always it has been amazing. We have managed to do so much in such a short time! All the gardens, architecture and the cozy streets you see when you walk around in Paris, it’s all so stunning. Yesterday we have actually walked everywhere, that works so much better than taking a metro. And it allowed us to take some great snaps from the city! Maybe even too much, as always.

We had an amazing hotel experience too. We are both huge fans of luxury lifestyle and especially of hotels which provide a complete experience. We always enjoy discovering gorgeous and chic boutique hotels. Hotel Daniel is one of the most beautiful and luxurious boutique hotels we have ever stayed in in Paris. The staff is really caring and helpful, and you will always find a chocolate on your pillow before going to bed. Yumm! Also the location could not be more perfect, it’s about 2 min walk to the Champs-Elysees, incredible.

The breakfast is a dream! We are both true breakfast-persons and we think that breakfast will kind of reflect the entire day. Having our breakfast at Hotel Daniel… You might guess how our days in Paris were! They had everything: yoghurts, muesli, lots of fresh fruit and fresh pressed juices, chocolate rolls, croissants and you can go on. All so tasty!
Call Hotel Daniel a heaven on earth. We highly recommend you guys to try out this hotel on a special occasion as it is a luxury, stunning and romantic place to stay!

Now it’s time to sort out all Paris pics, and that´s A LOT! And repack, because we are going to Madrid next week.

Talk soon!


DSC08684DSC09466DSC09467 (1)DSC09520DSC09055FullSizeRender-1DSC08856DSC08902 (2)FullSizeRender-6DSC09387FullSizeRender-2DSC09428 (1)FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRenderDSC09316



Hi guys!

We found some more pictures from our Mexico trip last month. Few months ago we have started working together with the lovely Swedish brand NA-KD. You should check that out guys, they have amazing items on their webshop! Here Olivia is wearing their Boho Crochet Maxi Caftan from the NA-KD boho collection. Have a lovely afternoon!

Enjoy the pics!




In Mexico ❤ Wearing: Caftan NA-KD /Watch Kapten & Son/Havaianas Flip Flops/Yellow Swimsuit from Paula Beachwear//