Paris: Hotel Daniel

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Hi guys!

How are you? We are great. ❤ We just got back from our short trip to Paris, and as always it has been amazing. We have managed to do so much in such a short time! All the gardens, architecture and the cozy streets you see when you walk around in Paris, it’s all so stunning. Yesterday we have actually walked everywhere, that works so much better than taking a metro. And it allowed us to take some great snaps from the city! Maybe even too much, as always.

We had an amazing hotel experience too. We are both huge fans of luxury lifestyle and especially of hotels which provide a complete experience. We always enjoy discovering gorgeous and chic boutique hotels. Hotel Daniel is one of the most beautiful and luxurious boutique hotels we have ever stayed in in Paris. The staff is really caring and helpful, and you will always find a chocolate on your pillow before going to bed. Yumm! Also the location could not be more perfect, it’s about 2 min walk to the Champs-Elysees, incredible.

The breakfast is a dream! We are both true breakfast-persons and we think that breakfast will kind of reflect the entire day. Having our breakfast at Hotel Daniel… You might guess how our days in Paris were! They had everything: yoghurts, muesli, lots of fresh fruit and fresh pressed juices, chocolate rolls, croissants and you can go on. All so tasty!
Call Hotel Daniel a heaven on earth. We highly recommend you guys to try out this hotel on a special occasion as it is a luxury, stunning and romantic place to stay!

Now it’s time to sort out all Paris pics, and that´s A LOT! And repack, because we are going to Madrid next week.

Talk soon!


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