by OSQUARE x HiSmile


Hi guys!

How are you doing? Hope you´re well. The weather is getting better and better and we just love it! Today we planned a trip to the thriftstore and hopefully find a nice rug and sidetable to sheer up the balcony/garden. Hope we will find something nice, fingers crossed!

As you may have seen on our Instagram before, we have been trying HiSmile to boost our smile. What we love about this product is that you can see results almost immediately. We even got compliments from people around us saying that our teeth look amazing, without even knowing that we had been whitening them.

HiSmile offers a peroxide-free whitening system that doesn’t contain any chemicals. A very important factor to consider when purchasing whitening products.

As you can see, the kit is packaged in a beautiful box complete with everything you need. It contains an LED light complete with a mouth guard, 3 peroxide free gels, a whitening shade chart and an instruction booklet.

It is extremely simple to use and it takes just ten minutes per session – perfect if you lead a busy lifestyle! If you would like to try out HiSmile yourself check out their products online here:

Thanks for reading!



DSC_0579FullSizeRender-1IMG_4958DSC_0132 (1)

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