Madrid: Dear Hotel


Hi guys!  

How are you? We just had a long breakfast at our hotel in Madrid, and so far, we are having such a great time in the city! As always we try to do everything by foot, cause you miss so much of the city when using the subway. Despite all the hills (we Dutchies are not used to that!), it is very walkable city! Madrid is one of the most open cities we have been to. The people are so kind and helpful, it makes you want to stay forever.
One of the most interesting parts about traveling is the chance to stay at some great hotels all over the world. We are really grateful and we feel very lucky that we have a chance to live all these amazing journeys. We love interior designs and room decors, and at the Dear Hotel we just felt like we want to walk around with the camera and shoot pictures of everything that we see. At the same time, the Dear Hotel feels really homely, we love that. 
After spending a few nights here, the Dear Hotel definitely got our “yes”, because of it’s excellent location in the centre of Madrid, on the Grand Via, the street where everything happens in Madrid, and a 5 minute walk to the Grand Palace, and all the shops, bars and restaurants are just sooo close. Lovely interior design, cozy ambiance and the great wifi connection made are stay so far just perfect. So if you are ever in Madrid, make sure to check this hotel out!
The breakfast at the Dear Hotel is just amazing. It’s on the 14th floor, at their 360′ restaurant with an amazing view all over the city. The food is really delicious and they have everything you can think of, so we kind of just tasted all of it. It is going to be hard to walk around today, haha! But we will try. The plan is to take it easy today, cause it’s SUNDAY ❤ Enjoy yours guys! 
Talk soon! 
 DSC00104FOTO 6

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