by OSQUARE in Paris

DSC09215Hi guys!

How are you? We are so excited! Right now we are sooooo stressed. We have to pack for Paris, cause we are leaving with the first Thalys tomorrow.. And we don’t know what to wear!

This is going to be the the fifth time that we are going to Paris together. First time was amazing, we just started university and we were just as excited as we are now! Few weeks ago in Paris, we had so much fun. We tried Gina Tricot’s travel guide ‘Guided by Style’ and it was amazing! With such guides, you always find some cute little places that you would never find otherwise ❤ We walked around Marais, and we fell in love with all the colored houses over there.

Some of you have been asking about our pink outfit: we chose a dusty pink skirt from Zara, cause we both totally in love with this color this season ❤ Also the blouse is from Zara. The blazer is from H&M, and we bought that one when we were in Barcelona almost 5 years ago! So happy we did not give that one away over the years. Of course wearing comfy sneakers, cause walking all day around in Paris is just impossible with out these.

We are so looking forward to go back tomorrow, cause Paris is always the best idea right! Unfortunately the weather will not be that awesome as last time.. But still.

Hope you all will have a lovely evening babes!



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