Brunch at Ladurée

DSC08713Hi guys!

How are you? We wish we had this sweet brunch in front of us right now, but we don’t.. We had it yesterday after an exhausting shopping morning and we will definitely go back. We are both huge macarons addicts, and someone told us that we should also try Ladurée pastries, and oh that was good! The Upstairs salon is really lovely. It is dressed in midnight blue velvet and fringes. A perfect place in busy Paris to just chill, hang and drink a several cups of tea. We were so hungry when arrived, that we didn’t even see the whole menu, and just ordered the first pastries that caught our eyes!

Now we have seen all the pics from yesterdays brunch, we are really hungry again! We have stumbled across lots of great (looking) restaurants at Saint Germain, so we are going to try one of those!

Have a lovely afternoon!




DSC08719Phone cases are both from Richmond & Finch// Watch from Mockberg// Bracelet from Lily & Rose // Sunnies from Bailey Nelson.

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