Four Seasons Resort Marrakech

DSC_0389Hi guys! How are you doing? Hope you´re all doing well! Best thing about coming home from a long trip is sleeping in your own bed again! Since a few of you guys asked about Four Seasons Resort Marrakech, we thought is was about time to anwer your questions in todays post. We think most of you have heard of the Four Seaons. In Marrakech we made some time to visit Four Seasons, and yes that was the best choice we have ever made! It was amazing! Our day started out pretty early, so we had some nice breakfast and went straight to the pool area. After discussing todays plans, we walked around the area to discover some nice places for the shoot later that day. We can never ´just´ walk around to discover the place, always looking through the lens of our camera, to capture every moment haha. We usually like these pics the best! Since it is really hot in Marrakech during the afternoon, we thought it would be wise to shoot first. Their pool is so amazing and their staff is so kind. Besides the cocktails we ordered during the day, they brought us water with lemon the whole day! So great. They even asked us to clean our sunnies, how lovely! The pool immediately became one of our favorites spots. We just love the combination of blue water and palms, it can´t get any better then that. Or can it?

The main building was very impressive as well (as you can see on the pics), so we couldn´t walk by, without capturing this. Here at Four Seasons you live authentic Moroccan culture, while enjoying a complete resort experience in the heart of the Red City. Four Seaons makes this exotic world approachable and accessible with friendly service  and a constant sense of comfort. Check them out on:

Talk soon!

 Both the beach dresses are from NA-KD// Watches from Nicole Vienna// Leather bags from Decadent// Blue Dress from Asos// Two Piece set from H&M// Sunnies from Ray-Ban// Heels from NA-KD// Marble Bikini is from Ola Swimwear. 

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