Tangjung Sari Sanur

Hi guys!ย We hope you’re doing well! We are great! Still not entirely recovered from the long journey (we had a step over in Dubai, which was very fun though). A few days ago we arrived in Tandjung Sari in Sanur, and so far this place has been amazing!! We were welcomed with a cold refreshing moijto at the beach, including an amazing sunset view. Normally we don’t do dinner at the hotel (we always like to explore the area as well), but after such a long flight and the yummy smell of the food we were sold! There was actually a pretty awesome full moon show going on in the restaurant, so we had the most perfect first night in Bali. After such a nice time in Marrakech, we got used to the Moroccan style and thought that no other hotel could beat that, but we really fell for the Balinese design as well! It is green and cosy, a real paradise feeling! Our room had a pink floor, and that’s when we decided that we never want to leave this place again, haha.
Tandjung Sari has some amazing village bungalows as well. They are inspired by traditional Balinese architecture, which thatched roof and cool air-conditioned interior. Each bungalow is set in its own garden with a traditional lounging pavilion.
The thing we always look forward to the most is of course breakfast! And the Tandjung Sari breakie does not disappoint. We really like the idea of a la carte breakfast, since you don’t have to use your brain in the morning! We always put too much on our plate and make ourselves eat it all (which results in a foodcoma for the first few hours). Their fresh pressed juices were amazing, with lots of choice. And the pancakes and Indonesian crรชpes were really tasty as well. Also the staff is very friendly at Tandjung Sari, they were very helpful at different shoots we did.
The location of the hotel is GREAT! It’s directly on the beach, where you can go for a swim, jetski or stand-up paddle. Sanur is a great area that we didn’t visit last time we were in Bali, but it’s actually pretty nice! It’s much more quitte then Kuta or Legian, and there are still lots of restaurants, shops and spa’s. The beach itself is really relaxing and clean, very beautiful! We had one of our breakfasts on the beach beds, with an amazing sunrise โค It’s one of those great hotels that you don’t want to leave. We would definitely recommend this place to everyone!
Now it’s time for our last diner here, and we are already really looking forward to that! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ And after we will see what we will do, we still have to pack our bags and that might take the whole night, haha! Link to their website: Tandjung Sari Sanur.
Enjoy your night babes!

2 thoughts on “Tangjung Sari Sanur

  1. wow wow Bali is amazing ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š wouldn’t mind boarding a plane and flying there immediately. Totally agree with you that its always the best thing to explore the area and test different restos but its also important to have great food at the hotel just in case that you are a little too lazy. The photos are stunning. Enjoy your time. xoxo Andrea


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