Kosho Cosmetics: Matcha Effective


Hi guys! Hope you´re doing well. A few weeks ago a package came in from Kosho Cosmetics, with some products to try out from their amazing Matcha Effective line. In Marrakech we finally got the chance to test the products, and oh my they are heaven! The packaging really draw us, it´s so fresh and clean and we read so many good things about it. So we were really excited to try it out ourselves.
Kosho is a refreshing new brand from the Switzerland and convinces through carefully selected products for efficient care of skin and a design that their high quality and exclusivity. We have tried it for a couple of times now and our skin feels amazing afterwards. It really gotten softer and we immediately feel awake and refreshing after using it. We both have a mixed skin, so not oily and not dry. The products we have been using are the Full Hydration Serum, the Smart Protection Cream and the Creamy Cleanser. We also got to try their Matcha Green Tea. We drank a cup with our breakfast this morning and it tasted great! We both are huge coffee addicts, but tea once at a time tastes amazing. Another plus side, green tea is really healthy and good for your skin as well. You can check them out on Kosho Cosmetics to see all their products!
Hugs, by OSQUARE

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