Yoga at Amori Villas

DSC_0513Hi babes! Hope you´re doing well. Started this evening with a walk and went for a workout before it was getting too dark outside. We usually workout with our body weight nowadays, it´s the easiest when we travel and the best way to workout is being outside in the nature, don´t you agree? After the evening walk and workout it was time to relax. We did some yoga at the amazing yoga pavillion at Amori Villas. This place is so peaceful and quiet, the best way to relax and escape the busy daily life. We were enjoying our yoga session  when it suddenly started to pouring rain. That was actually pretty amazing, the smell and sounds of nature really makes you feel calm and relaxed. Also the view was stunning! Should have more yoga sessions over here, haha. We also really like the design of the yoga pavilion at the Amori, with the grass roof and bamboo construction, so stylish ❤ It’s crazy but it felt like we enjoyed our session much more in this surrounding than we do at the gym back home. This lovely yoga set is from the Spirit of Mo, you should check out their collection on the Spirit of Mo

Now it’s time for a relaxing bath and a long sleep. Have a great night!

Talk later, by OSQUARE


DSC_0742Yoga set from the Spirit of Mo// Sneakers from Lacoste. 

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