Our future houses

DSC_0062Hi guys! What have you been up to? Our day was awesome, we have been trying to surf again on our pretty baby blue board, and it’s actually going pretty well. The board is a little to short for beginners and the waves in Bali a bit too big, haha, but we have a Balinees friend teaching us, so we are sure that we will be fine! We were going through our Singapore pics, and are still not done with it, but we found a nice shoot from last week. We took some pictures in front of our future houses ❤ We our not sure which colors we like the most, cause there was a pink one and a baby blue one, but purple or yellow never hurt nobody, haha. For sure Olivia will shotgun the pink one, haha, but we will fight about that later.

We had a meeting with a very nice brand in Singapore (more about that later) and we passed this little colorful street, we knew we had to stop! The taxi driver must have think that we are crazy, screaming to stop cause we saw pastel colors, but maybe we are. We wish houses in the Netherlands were so colorful. The lace dress is from Lulu Yasmine, and is actually handmade in Bali ❤ We love local products here! Also the bag is from Bali, the brand we have a nice black one piece from, Milk the Goat. We have been using it a lot lately, love the colors and it’s a great finishing touch on a lot of looks! Now its time fresh up and have a late lunch near the beach. We gonna meet up with some friends we made before we went to Singapore, and see what we will be doing tomorrow. Have a lovely afternoon!

Hugs, by OSQUARE

DSC_0094DSC_0128DSC_0098DSC_0074DSC_0042DSC_0058DSC_0159Dress from Lulu Yasmine// Sneakers from Jim Rickey// Bag from Milk the Goat// Sunnies from Ray-Ban// Nicole Vienna watch.

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