Clover the Arts

DSC_0033Hi guys! Hope you’re doing well. The last few nights we spend in Singapore and stayed at the lovely Clover Hotel. Hotel Clover is collection of innovative, novel and concept-driven hotels. The Hotel Clover chain has over six properties and they have some plans to expand even more. Five of them are in Singapore. The hotels are all designed uniquely as a reflection of local culture, corresponding with the inimitable character of the geography of its surrouning area. We stayed at the Clover The Arts, where you can experience the world through the arts. It is a boutique hotel that allows people to experience multitude of subjects through art. The hotel is not only a platform for talented artists, also create a truly unique arts experience for all visitors. Independent artists were commissioned to create art for Hotel Clover. We stayed at this amazing pink flower room. We love it! Would love to have a room like this at home. Also the location is amazing, with only a few minutes away from our favorites spots in Singapore and just a few steps away from the Merlion Park! One night we walked over there and had some drinks by the water, with an amazing view over Singapore! You guys should really check them out if you’re planning to visit Singapore!

Hugs, by OSQUARE



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