Beach dress 🐚

Hi girls! What have you been up to? We had such a relaxing morning at the pool today ❤ It’s one of our last days on the Island, and we decided to enjoy it the best possible way! It’s almost time to fly back home, and that feels so weird. Saturday we are first leaving to Taiwan for a few days ❤ We haven’t been to a busy city since Singapore last month, so we are really excited.

We have seen so many beaches on Bali, but Padang Padang was for sure the prettiest one. We love to wear comfy pieces on the beach, especially when it’s also stylish. This lovely dress is from Pitusa, a brand that is focusing on comfortable and at the same time affordable beachwear. The grey color makes you look more tanned and it’s fine fabric is just perfect for a warm day. This is one of these dresses that we could wear everyday in the sunshine ❤ You can check them out HERE!  Now we are going to have an early dinner and enjoy the sunset! Have a lovely night!

Hugs, by OSQUARE



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