Christmas Brunch ❄️☃️



dsc_0094All items from BlokkerVintage spoons (HERE!) //  Vintage cutlery set (HERE!) // Snowflake globe (HERE!) // Vase, Caraf (HERE!) // Pink plates (HERE!) // Grey Plates (HERE!) (all items available in the store). 

Good morning babes! How are you doing? Yesterday we had a pre-Christmas brunch at our place ❤ We really wanted to make our Christmas table very festive! With these modern decorations from Blokker we think we did a really good job. We can´t wait to throw another Christmas party haha. Lately we have become a big fan of gold in our interior, we think it looks so classic and cool! So when we spotted these gold accessories at Blokker we immediately know how to use them in our home. For a long time we have been on the hunt to find some nice looking gold cutlery, which doesn´t look cheap or fake. So when we spotted these Vintage looking gold cutlery we were sold! It immediately changes your table setting and gives it a nice modern touch. It goes really well with soft tones, such as a light pink, as well with some darker colors like dark grey or dark blue. So we are really happy with these ones ❤ We also spotted some cool accessories for our candles, look at this pineapple! It´s a dream for every Christmas table! Now, it´s time to eat again and start our Saturday with a nice brunch with some friends in the Hague. Talk soon!

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