Milele Eco Villas 🌴

dsc_0155dsc_0162dsc_0560The view from the villa, really insane! 

Hi babes! How are you doing? We are great and sad at the same time, haha! Great because we have had such amazing few days, and sad because we are leaving this little paradise tomorrow 😦 As you might have seen on Instagram, we are staying at Milele Villas, and now it’s one of our favorite places in the world ❤

The property offers two exclusive private villas, along the solitary Fukuchani beach, which is a little off mass tourism in Zanzibar and really perfect for a relaxing stay without any stress. We had our own villa with a private pool, which was really perfect. We have planned lots of stuff before we came here (different tours, some snorkeling and little village tours, which Milele Villas offers!), however, once we arrived here, we realized that we actually don’t want to leave, haha! This place offers privacy and perfect service at the same time, really well balanced! Really perfect if you need some time for yourselves! Such a wonderful place to relax and spend just quality holidays.
Milele Villas is an eco concept, and they are keeping the impact on the environment as low as possible. The resort is 100% powered with solar energy and rain water is being used for the pools en shower. A concept that we really support!
Now let’s talk about the food at Milele Villa’s. Every night we both actually couldn’t wait until it’s morning, to have BREAKFAST! It was sooo delicious. They truly offer everything you can think of, fresh juice, pancakes, eggs baked beans and go on.. The chef works with fresh products, so their lunch and dinner menu changes every single day. The meals are being served whenever and wherever you like, a great idea if you ask us! We had some cocktails while watching the sunset and a BBQ at night, really amazing!
The staff is really great, and they know exactly how to make you laugh! And the owner – Hannes – is so passionate about Tanzania and the culture, want to make you stay in Zanzibar for ever! Milele Villas is the best place to stay! You guys can check them out HERE!


The lovely and comfortable rooms ❤

dsc_0979dsc_0968BBQ by night


dsc_0862The breakfast is served wherever you want, so the pool sounded as a great idea to us, haha! So delicious!  

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