Jamie’s Italian






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Hi babes! How are you? We have been great. As you can see we are having the best time here in Bali. This week we had the best lunch at Jamie’s Italian. Sooo yummy and such a cosy Italian place. Of course, the food was outstanding. It is located very close to Kuta Beach and on walking distance to Hard Rock Bali. Back to the food. We had the most yummiest dessert everrrrr. For dessert we had a raspberry rippled pavlova and a meringue, which tasted delicious! We could eat this everyday haha. The place itself was really modern and we liked the interior a lot. A great suggestion if you are going to visit Kuta. The link to their restaurant you will find here, Jamies Italian Bali. Just take a look at the menu and you are sold! At least we were haha. Now, it’s time to make some plans for the upcoming days. What are you up to? Talk soon babes!

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