Longevity Cegonha Country Club ✨

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Hi loves! How are you? We are great, just enjoying the great weather in the Netherlands. Lots of you were asking us about our stay at Longevity in Algarve, so we decided to do a blog about it.

As you know, we really LOVE all kind of food, especially sweet stuff, as ice-cream, cookies, chocolate and go on. When Longevity proposed a Juice Detox Short Break, we knew we had to try that! This juice program takes at least three days and cleanse your whole body. It boosts your health with a mild detoxifying diet or juice fasting, cleansing Spa treatments and energizing daily group activities. We knew it would be hard for us, to miss all the sweets and wine for a few days, but we think that a healthy body is also very important, so we gave it a try. We had 5 liquid meals a day and lots of tea and water. It seemed very hard to do, but the ambiance in the resort is so zen and healthy, that you really get motivated. And also, it was great weather, so that helped a lot. We always feel less hungry when it’s hot outside. We really didn’t expect that, but it was really fun to do! Every day, there are different activities organized, as yoga, pilates, stretching, core training, fit ball, zumba, jogging, bike tour and different walks, which you can join, and we really liked that.

The resort itself, is really beautiful, with a huge pool and all these little cute colorful houses. The restaurant is opened for the juices, but they of course also serve (healthy) food, for people who does’t want to do the liquid diet. You can do the diet for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. At first, 3 days seemed a lot for us, the always hungry food lovers, but afterwards, we would love to do that for 7 days! It’s really relaxing and we felt soooo recharged after the short stay of 3 days. It was fun to see, that lots of different people join the diet. We have seen lots of girlfriends, doing it together, but also couples and people alone. Young and old. Really cool! We can’t wait to go back for a little longer very soon ❤



Onyria Palmares 🌴

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Hi loves! How are you doing? We are great, just got back from our vacay in Portugal and oh we miss it already. One of our absolutely favorites stays where at Onyria Palmares. As soon as we arrived, we fall in love with this place. We had such a warm welcome, a little tour through the resort and a glass of champagne. They absolutely know how to give their guests the best feeling.

Our stay was absolutely incredible. The rooms are decorated in soft colors (LOVE!!!), very stylish, and have everything you may need during the stay. All of them offer a generous balcony, both in space and amazing views of the Portugese sea ❤ We spend most of our stay on that balcony! The view is just breathtaking.. 

The pool was our second favorite place in the resort. Since it’s not a huge pool, we thought it would be very crowded during the day and that we couldn’t enjoy the peacefulness of the place. But nothing was further from the truth. Even though the resort was completely fully booked, we had the feeling that we had everything for ourselves. Not many hotels manage to give that feeling, so well done! ❤ We are the kind of people who could stay at the pool all day, and just relax, cause it’s vacay! Yet we have decided that we need to visit the beach at least once during our stay, since Portugese beaches are soooo gorgeous. It looked pretty far, but it seemed to be just a 15 min walk, and for lazy people like us, they bring you down with a golf buggy. It’s great to drive along the green of 27 holes of they unique golf course ❤ To arrive at almost empty beach, a dream! 

Since it was just a short drive to Lagos, we have planned to drive down there for dinner every day. However, we didn’t expect that the hotel restaurant would be so good, that we stayed in almost every night, haha! They have a great menu, witch cozy ambiance and of course, great view! 

Nestled in the green go the fairways, with its phenomenal views of the Lagos Bay, and a great service, our stay was really indescribable. You guys can check them out HERE! We actually can’t wait to go back ASAP!