Olaz 7 in one 🌻🌼✨


Olaz 7 in one moisturizer (HERE!)

Hi loves, how are you? We have sooooo many projects are going on  lately, with long working days a little sleep. But great things give you great energy, so you are doing really goog! And since we are not traveling fulltime at the moment, we are enjoying a kind of routine in our lives, and that feels so good ❤

We wanted to share our Olaz experience with you. Been using their 7 in one moisturizer for few weeks now and we are very excited about the product. Three things caught our eye: 1. It has SPH in it to protect the skin from the sun (although, there was no lots of sun in the Netherlands lately, it’s kind of perfect for all the travels we have planned already and for the summer of course). 2. Our skins feel super nourished and soft. The moisturizer is also anti-aging (didn’t think we will ever need that, but we changed our mind lately, haha!). 3. It’s fragrance free, and we are huge fans of that. Eventhoug the moisturizer is finished (after our huge use) we are absolutely planning on keep on using it ❤
Now it’s time to change (since we had a long working session this morning in out onesies), and go out for lunch in the city. Have a great day ahead babes!