Olaz 7 in one đźŚ»đźŚĽâś¨


Olaz 7 in one moisturizer (HERE!)

Hi loves, how are you? We have sooooo many projects are going on  lately, with long working days a little sleep. But great things give you great energy, so you are doing really goog! And since we are not traveling fulltime at the moment, we are enjoying a kind of routine in our lives, and that feels so good ❤

We wanted to share our Olaz experience with you. Been using their 7 in one moisturizer for few weeks now and we are very excited about the product. Three things caught our eye: 1. It has SPH in it to protect the skin from the sun (although, there was no lots of sun in the Netherlands lately, it’s kind of perfect for all the travels we have planned already and for the summer of course). 2. Our skins feel super nourished and soft. The moisturizer is also anti-aging (didn’t think we will ever need that, but we changed our mind lately, haha!). 3. It’s fragrance free, and we are huge fans of that. Eventhoug the moisturizer is finished (after our huge use) we are absolutely planning on keep on using it ❤
Now it’s time to change (since we had a long working session this morning in out onesies), and go out for lunch in the city. Have a great day ahead babes!

28 Beautybar – Spa treatment

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28 Beautybar

Hi loves! How are you doing? Hope you’re doing great. Just before our trip to the Philippines, we had the most relaxing weekend at Hotel Assen in the Netherlands. We were so lucky to be treated as real princesses with such a warm welcome. At arriving they told us that just after dinner, they had a spa treatment booked for us. Could our stay at Hotel Assen start any better? We don’t think so! So 28 Beautybar was the place we went to after a delicious dinner at their new restaurant. The Beautybar is located at Van der Valk hotels Assen. It was a place where we could really relax and enjoy a well deserved massage. Always gives us so much energy afterwards! The products they used are Dutch based, which is always very cool. The brand is called Medex is perfect for the skin and your mood. The salon is open all days, except Tuesdays. So a real recommendation when you are thinking of a weekend away. The offer different treatments and the salon is owned by the most nicest person! Have a look at all the treatments, there will be something for everyone!

Health tracker 🌿

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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetLeaf Urban from Bellabeat (HERE!) // Unicorn tumbler from Nunuco (HERE!) // Rings from Zabel Jewellery (HERE!) // Silk blouse from Dezzal (HERE!).

Good morning from The Hague! It always feels so good to wake up in your own bed HERE! Now it’s time for some work and a light breakfast, we were actually thinking about a strawberry-soya shake. We love pink smoothies! It´s all part of our 2017 resolutions, to eat healthier and think about a balanced´diet´ more. This health tracker from Bellabeat definitely helps us with that. Since we are travelling a lot, we don´t always sleep enough. We are one of those people who need a good 7-8 hours of sleep a day, but sometimes that is just not possible. This health tracker will keep track of our sleep and warns us when we really need to rest.  Not only will it tell us when to rest, but also our stress balance and our activeness. So when we are working on our laptop the whole day we will go for a morning (or evening) walk to have some exercise before an otherwise not so active day. The health tracker has been super helpfull for us and we are going to make the best out of our day with this one! It will keep us fit, so we can continue doing what we love to do and stay healthy. Now, it´s time to start our day! Have a great one babes!

Sugar Baby đź’—đź’•

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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetSugar baby beauty products (HERE!).

Good morning babes! How are you doing? We are doing great and have had an amazing weekend so far! We had too much fun yesterday, so today we need to get some work done. Last week we received a beautiful wrapped package from Sugar Baby. A beauty and lifestyle brand based in Australia and runned by two siters. The Sugar Baby mission is to help customers to look and feel their best – it´s all about attitude. We got to try some products for the hair, body and face. So exciting! We always love to have some beauty nights with hair and face masks, so that’s the plan for tonight ❤ We are especially excited for the hair products. We got to try the Rev-oil-ution Nourishing Organic Coconut Oil Treatment and T-Hair-Apist Hydrating Organic Cocunut Treatment, they sound promising to us! The hydrating hair treatment, provides pure and immediate hydration, for all hair types. And look how cute the packing is, it´s perfect for a Christmas gift for girlie-girls or as a gift for yourself of course, haha. We also got to try two body scrubs; the Espress-O-Glow Coconut & Coffee and the So-A-Glow Coconut & Sugar scrub! Sounds so delious and they smell amazing! Now, it´s time to get ready for a coffee date with some friends and then some emails. Have a great Sunday loves!

StyleTone 🌸

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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProducts from StyleTone (HERE!)// Phone case from Richmond & Finch (HERE!).

Hi babes! How is your Friday so far? Ours is great, since our weekend started yesterday already, yay! We actually don’t really have any plans for the weekend, we have a meeting in Amsterdam on Saturday, so we might stay there for the night and chill a bit! As you might have notice we really love to test new products! But it’s always really difficult to buy new makes-up or beauty products, without knowing anything about it. We have a huge weakness for pretty packaging, so that makes it even more difficult, haha! Some time ago we have discovered StyleTone, it’s a very cool dutch brand focusing on surprise boxes. You can subscribe and receive a surprise package every month! It’s full of beauty products to try ❤ We really love that! In our beauty box we received a whipping bubble mask, a coconut hand cream (smells SOOOO good), nail polish, lipstick and a lipliner. All of the makeup is in colors of this season, so perfect for every look! Can’t wait to try it all! And also the package where it arrives in, looks sooo cute! If you guys would like to subscribe, you can check out their website HERE! Have a great afternoon! ❤

Nubyen Nude

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetGoooooood morning babes! How are you? We are great! Yesterday we arrived in Venice, and even though it was raining the whole afternoon, it’s sooo beautiful ❤ We are totally in love with this place! We got up super early today (5 am!) and we are having a quick breakfast now, because it will be sunny until 11 am, so we are speeding to Burano for some ice-cream and a little shoot, haha! We heard (and googled) that is sooooo colorful and just amazing.. Here are some pics we took yesterday morning, these are the essentials we bring in our new crossbody bag from Florian London. We just love this bag, check it out HERE! A new lip product we have been trying out over the last couple of weeks is from the brand Nubyen Nude. It´s actually a lip augmentation gloss, which means it will give you fuller looking lips. It really works magic! Nubyen strives to uplift a woman to feel her most beautiful, which is totally great and we are hooked! Not that we really need it, but it gives that little something extra. You should definitely check them out HERE! Now, it´s time to enjoy this day. We hope that it will rain as little as possible today. But  when it start pouring, we will find a nice restaurant to have some food and drinks, so sounds great to us anyway. Have a lovely day babes! Talk later!

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Bag from Florian London//  Phone case from Paradise Amsterdam// Pink plugs from Sudio Sweden// Rings from Zabel Jewellery// Metal ring from Adia Kibur.



Alchimie Forever đź’ś

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetGood morning babes! Hope you´re doing well. It´s finally weekend, yeey. Been longing for this since Monday haha, sleeping in and just chill for two days. We might even feel like doing a little spa evening tonight! These products from Alchimie Forever will be perfect for that. We both choose to try out their cleanser, calming daycream and brightning mask. Feel so nice, to once and a while just have a relax evening. Since we have been travelling a lot lately, our skin needs a little prep. The inspiration behind Alchimie Forever starts with the idea that taking care of one´s skin should be viewed as an essential ritual instead of a chore, ´looking good, means feeling good, means doing good´. This belief established itself as the brand´s philosophy. Alchimie Forever blends both doctors´ appreciation for skincare as a ritual and their expertise in anti-aging, which you can never start to early with, right? It provides an at home/ at spa experience unlike any other. Which we are all about! You can just do it whenever you feel like, perfect for us! We are so excited to try out their brightning mask tonight! Hope it is as calming as they promise, haha. We already tested their cleanser and calming daycream, which are sooo great so far! It leaves us with the softess baby skin. You should definitely try out some of their products, so worth it! You can do this HERE! Now it’s time to have a breakfast in the city with two friends, and we should visit the gym too.. Talk soon, by OSQUARE

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Yoga at Amori Villas

DSC_0513Hi babes! Hope you´re doing well. Started this evening with a walk and went for a workout before it was getting too dark outside. We usually workout with our body weight nowadays, it´s the easiest when we travel and the best way to workout is being outside in the nature, don´t you agree? After the evening walk and workout it was time to relax. We did some yoga at the amazing yoga pavillion at Amori Villas. This place is so peaceful and quiet, the best way to relax and escape the busy daily life. We were enjoying our yoga session  when it suddenly started to pouring rain. That was actually pretty amazing, the smell and sounds of nature really makes you feel calm and relaxed. Also the view was stunning! Should have more yoga sessions over here, haha. We also really like the design of the yoga pavilion at the Amori, with the grass roof and bamboo construction, so stylish ❤ It’s crazy but it felt like we enjoyed our session much more in this surrounding than we do at the gym back home. This lovely yoga set is from the Spirit of Mo, you should check out their collection on the Spirit of Mo. 

Now it’s time for a relaxing bath and a long sleep. Have a great night!

Talk later, by OSQUARE


DSC_0742Yoga set from the Spirit of Mo// Sneakers from Lacoste. 

Kosho Cosmetics: Matcha Effective


Hi guys! Hope you´re doing well. A few weeks ago a package came in from Kosho Cosmetics, with some products to try out from their amazing Matcha Effective line. In Marrakech we finally got the chance to test the products, and oh my they are heaven! The packaging really draw us, it´s so fresh and clean and we read so many good things about it. So we were really excited to try it out ourselves.
Kosho is a refreshing new brand from the Switzerland and convinces through carefully selected products for efficient care of skin and a design that their high quality and exclusivity. We have tried it for a couple of times now and our skin feels amazing afterwards. It really gotten softer and we immediately feel awake and refreshing after using it. We both have a mixed skin, so not oily and not dry. The products we have been using are the Full Hydration Serum, the Smart Protection Cream and the Creamy Cleanser. We also got to try their Matcha Green Tea. We drank a cup with our breakfast this morning and it tasted great! We both are huge coffee addicts, but tea once at a time tastes amazing. Another plus side, green tea is really healthy and good for your skin as well. You can check them out on Kosho Cosmetics to see all their products!
Hugs, by OSQUARE

Tropical Spa Time

DSC_0449Hi guys! How are you doing? Hope you´re doing fine! We are great! ❤ This morning we went to Villa Kubu for a spa treatment, lucky girls! We heard they have some amazing massages, so that´s what we went for. Villa Kubu is located in the heart of Seminyak, so one time you are in an oasis of calm, next moment you in the centre of Seminyak, really awesome! Seminyak is a very hip area, with a lot of cute places to have some coffee and lunch. Villa Kubu offers the privacy and luxury of one, two and three bedroom pool villas, with the convenience of full hotel services. We had an amazing treatment in the Spa Venus and some juices in The Oasis Bar. We really love the style of these place, the villas blend traditional Balinese design with contemporary elegance, each with a large private pool, set in a tropical garden.

At the spa we were welcommed with a cold pink juice, which tasted delicious. The spa looks really fresh and modern. We chose for one hour of Balinese oil massage, and we regret not buying the oil, it felt amazing ❤ Also the roses they put in the water smelt great, always love flower sense. The massage itsself was really good as well, we enjoyed it a lot! After the treatment it was time some ginger tea. They also showed us around the property and we ended up at the juice bar, where we had some yummy beetroot juices and fresh fruit, our favorite combi! You guys shoot check them out on Villa Kubu.
We just had some afternoon coffee, and now it’s time to get ready for tonight! There is a small party going on close to our villa, so we have planned to go there after dinner, We don’t know if we will stay long, but we will see when we get there. Have a great night babes!
Hugs, by OSQUARE